EPRISE Questionnaire
The power of photonics

Understanding the power of photonics and its potential applications in the target markets of Pharmaceuticals, Medical technologies, Agriculture and Food.
Do you know what photonics is or have you heard about it? How?

What do you understand as “photonics”?

For example, in terms of wavelength, science or engineering, optical design or light only…
Do you think that photonics can add value to your company products or benefit you somehow?

Have you heard from anyone else in your market field that is currently using photonics or have ever used it? Please explain in which way.

The EPRISE project

The EPRISE project. This section is about introducing the EPRISE project and asking about what go-to-market information is needed and how urgently help is required.
In which of the EPRISE markets is your company involved? In case of several markets then list them in order of impact (medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture):

Which are the main challenges you find in each of these markets?

Which are the main factors which determine the time to market for your company’s products in the markets above?

Do you think that the EPRISE project could be helpful for your company? In case not, explain how we could be helpful. Justify either yes or no.

Where is your market (regional, national, European, international)? In case of many then list them in order of presence:

Do your regional or national policies support you? Justify either yes or no and how.

Which are the main difficulties you experience when being involved with regional or national policy initiatives (such as grant-assisted funding schemes, access to finance, business assistance, clustering and networking activities and the like).

Thinking about your answers to questions "f" and "g" above, what do you think they should change in order to improve that?

EPRISE events

Are you interested in attending the events as a whole or in any specific section? If yes, which ones?

Are you interested in B2B prearranged meetings? If yes, which ones?

Why are you interested in these particular B2B prearranged meetings?

What are your interests and expectations for the events? In case that you are not interested in them, what would you change in order to make them interesting for you?

Regarding the Regional Events, would you be interested in attending them in other countries?

Regarding the European Photonics Roadshow, which of them are you interested in attending?

Do you want to become a speaker in the events? In which way?

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